#39: Brandon Novak

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Brandon Novak is a keynote speaker, author, former professional skateboarder/TV star, and intervention specialist who reclaimed his life from addiction in 2015.

In this episode, Brandon walks us through his remarkable journey from sleeping in abandoned houses as a homeless heroin addict to owning and operating several sober living facilities and earning widespread respect as a champion for people in recovery. 

He also speaks about:
-How he first got into drugs and alcohol, and his thoughts on "gateway drugs"
-The moment when Bam Margera offered help at a critical time
-Becoming a famous MTV star on 'Viva La Bam' in the mid-2000s
-The story behind his mother buying him a cemetery plot
-The epiphany he experienced standing on his mother's doorstep after she kicked him out of her house and put a restraining order on him
-Why he recommends a firm approach to dealing with loved ones who are battling addiction
-The spiritual element of his recovery
-Why he doesn't consider his 12 unsuccessful attempts to get sober, "failures"
-Why he's not tempted to consume drugs or alcohol today
-How to include friends in recovery in social activities
-The business of owning sober living homes and an addiction treatment center 
-How he scaled his sober living facilities to 65 beds

Brandon’s charitable cause:
King's Crusade, which helps fund inpatient addiction recovery treatment for people who can't otherwise afford it.

Books mentioned in this episode:
Streets of Baltimore by Brandon Novak
Dreamseller by Brandon Novak

Support Brandon's Scholarship Foundation:
Donate to provide free beds for individuals transitioning out of treatment (Venmo: @novakshouse).

Struggling or need guidance?
Contact Brandon directly at 610-314-6747.

Connect with Brandon:
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#39: Brandon Novak
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