#38: Andrea Fausett

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Andrea Fausett is the founder and CEO of Mamele, an app that helps women around the world improve their health, nutrition, and fitness.

In this episode, Andrea speaks about building her business to 7 figures in just 6 months while being a present wife and mother to her 2 daughters; intentional parenting; entrepreneurship; business marketing, and the power of identity, purpose, and small pivots in determining your success in life.

She also speaks about:
-How to reverse-engineer success by breaking things down into small changes
-Why extreme dieting and other major behavior change doesn't work
-A different, more productive way to look at negative programming from your childhood
-How her entrepreneurial journey started with a single moment of self-reflection while looking in the mirror
-Exactly how she'd coach Brandon to achieve a fitness goal like losing 20 lbs
-Earning 6 figures and beyond by cultivating just 1,000 true fans
-Her wild experience during the Maui fires and how she stepped up to show up for her community
-Her feelings on body image and how she embraced gratitude during and after pregnancy, following several miscarriages

Andrea’s charitable cause:
The Emily Effect, a foundation providing resources to families and support for women suffering from perinatal mood disorders.

Reading List:
$100 Million Dollar Offers by Alex Hormozi
Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden

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#38: Andrea Fausett
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