#37: Mike Lee

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Mike Lee is a leadership coach, mindfulness expert, and trainer who's spent time working with NBA legend Steph Curry among other highly successful athletes and executives.

In this episode, Mike talks about optimizing your mindset in competitive environments and the new rules for leading teams in our current post-COVID reality. His new book, 'New Rules for the Future of Leadership,' comes out Nov. 21.

Mike also talks about:
-The proven benefits of mindfulness meditation on brain function, executive skills, and overall well-being
-Why mindfulness is becoming even more valuable the more technological innovation accelerates
-His lifelong struggle with depression and the best ways he's found to work through it
-Tapping into your subconscious intuition when making big life decisions
-The transformative moment when he experienced a deep sense of peace, and how it shifted the direction of his life
-The one thing you should always do before reacting to a trigger
-Why leaders have to be "purpose-driven" and offer more than a paycheck in order to develop winning teams

Mike’s charitable cause:

MENTOR Greater Milwaukee, which works with mentoring programs to safely match caring adult mentors with children in need.

Reading List:
The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard
- The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
- Leading An Inspired Life by Jim Rohn

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#37: Mike Lee
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