#36: Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow is a philanthropist, advocate for victims of human trafficking, and ex-NFL quarterback who is widely thought of as one of the greatest college football players of all-time.

In this episode, he dives deep into the origins of his Christian faith, why he's devoted his life to helping others, how he balances confronting evil with gratitude and joy, and why he insists he's "flawed" despite often being held up on a pedestal.

Tim also talks about:
How meeting a young boy with deformed feet set his life on a completely new path 
- What he learned from his parents and why "more is caught than taught"
- His advice to people waiting around for a sign or a mission to appear in their lives
- How to listen for a calling that "pricks your heart"
- Tim's definitions of "passion" and "compassion"
- How he keeps his natural competitiveness in check and aims it toward a higher purpose 
- The powerful message he took from the movie Hacksaw Ridge
- His elaborate marriage proposal
- Making compromises in his marriage
- What he tells people who don't have religious faith or who are on the fence about it

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The Tim Tebow Foundation
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#36: Tim Tebow
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