#35: Brody Fausett

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Brody Fausett is a real estate investor, ultramarathon runner, teacher, and founder of Real Estate Investing School.

In this episode, Brody breaks down how he went from rookie door-to-door salesman to reaching millionaire status before age 30 – and makes the case that you can achieve your goals a lot faster than you might think.

Brody also talks about:

- Running a 174-mile ultra marathon through the desert with his pregnant (!) wife
- How doing missionary work overseas changed his outlook on life
- His experience selling security systems door to door
- How he built massive wealth quickly through house hacking, rent-by-the-room, short term rentals, and other real estate strategies
- Generating over $1M cash from just one house
- Why he takes every Wednesday off work
- Moving his family to Hawaii based on intuition
- His first-hand experience in Lahaina when the wildfires swept through town
- How his wife appointed herself "Director of Distribution" and helped deliver supplies to families displaced by the fires
- Conspiracy theories surrounding the Maui wildfires, Oprah, and blue roofs
- The books, people and quotes that have helped him live a better life

Brody's Charitable Cause:
Mana Mentors, which "mentors young people through surfing and skateboarding to achieve physical, academic and mental health goals" – and which is currently helping with Lahaina wildfire relief*

*All ad revenue from this episode is donated directly to the charity of the guest's choice

#35: Brody Fausett
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