#10: Justin Donald

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Justin Donald has been called "The Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing" by Entrepreneur.com. He's the author of The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow for Passive Income and Financial Freedom and leads the Lifestyle Investor Mastermind.

Topics covered:
  • Traditional college education vs. apprenticeship
  • The 3 most important lessons to teach kids about money
  • Using leverage to buy assets with little of your own cash
  • Mobile home park investing vs. other types of real estate
  • How to invest in "the next big thing"
  • Diversification vs. specialization when investing
  • Finding the right operator to run a business
  • 7-minute guide to buying a mobile home park
To book a free Strategy Session with Justin's team about your Lifestyle Investor Journey, visit LifestyleInvestor.com/Strategy.

Justin's charitable causes:
- Love Justice International, which fights human trafficking
- Tim Tebow Foundation
#10: Justin Donald
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